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Year 7

In term 1 year 7 pupils learn the Formal Elements of Art and develop a good grounding in observational drawing and basic painting technique. This give them an artistic vocabulary to express their creative ideas. They also learn how to evaluate and self-assess. After the first term pupils learn how to discuss the work of other artists and develop project ideas. Projects have included an Abstract painting project and a Fantasy illustration project.

Year 8

In year 8 pupils begin to discuss and understand more complex concepts behind art movements of the 20th century such as Pop art and Op art and then apply these concepts to projects inspired by popular culture and their own ideas. They stretch their skills by learning about different drawing techniques and using a range of media.

Year 9

In year 9 students develop more sophisticated projects focusing on ‘Dreams and Identity’. A body of work created in yr 9 can be transferred to the yr 10 art GCSE project ‘Me, Myself and Mine.’ Students analyse and develop ideas inspired by various artists from 20th century surrealists to artists in the present day. After a period of experimentation and selection pupils develop their own independent, personal outcomes.­­