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Our current Key Stage 3 curriculum is developed in order to provide our students with a broad range of musical experiences which, in turn, provides an excellent foundation should students wish to study the subject to GCSE level and beyond.

Students will investigate three core strands of music, performance, composition and listening and appraising, through studying a variety of musical styles.  Across the curriculum students experience these concepts as individuals as well as in groups and as part of whole class ensemble.

Within our current schemes of work, an emphasis is placed on developing students’ understanding and the refining and mastery of skill along with an appreciation of the arts. Projects studies cover the following;




Introduction to Rhythm

Pitch & Keyboard Skills

Music Technology – music for computer games

Guitar and Bass Guitar

Latin American Music


Blues & Improvising

Theme & Variations


Instruments of the Orchestra

Popular Music

“Stand By Me”

Song Writing

Film Music

Becoming a Band

Introduction to GCSE Music