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Year 7

Where we are- Map skills, the UK and the world.

It’s your planet- The origins of the earth and the solar system.

About the UK-What are the Geographical features of the UK?

Rivers-The water cycle, river basins and the Thames.

Africa-What is Africa like as a continent? How is it similar and different to the UK?

Year 8

Weathering and Erosion-What are they and how do they affect the landscape?

Weather-What different types of weather are there and why do they occur?

Environmental Problems-What problems are we facing and how might we overcome them?

Population-How does population differ around the world and what is the impact of population growth/decline?

Year 9

Ecosystems- Climate and how ecosystems are at risk.

Restless Planet-Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Resources and Energy- Water, Oil and renewable energy.