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Business Studies

Students study for GCSE Business Studies.

The following topics are covered in year 10: 

  • Business Studies and the Environment

    • This unit covers business ownership, such as Sole Traders, Partnerships, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Franchises and Multi National Organisations). It also includes Government objectives, inflation, interest rates, government spending, European Union, the single currency, business location, factors of production, types of production and the use of new technology.

  • Human Resources

    • This includes communication, training and development, motivation and rewards, organisational structures, recruitment and selection, payment of staff and trade unions.

  • Production

    • In this unit pupils will look at economies and diseconomies of scale, methods of production, productivity and quality control.

The following topics are covered in year 11:

  • Marketing (Coursework)

    • This unit requires students start to complete coursework. This is worth 25% of their final GCSE grade and is primarily based on them developing a marketing strategy for a new business idea. This will require students to employ independent research skills, ICT skills and report writing skills. By doing their marketing coursework, students will cover the following areas: Market Segmentation, market research, the 'marketing mix', customer profiling, advertising, promotion and legislation affecting marketing.

  • Business Finance

    • This unit includes internal and external sources of finance, cash flow forecasting, break even, budgets, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and financial ratios.

  • Revision

    • The last term is be used to prepare students for their final examination. Business Studies teachers will concentrate on using the pre-release case study, revision organisation, revision technique and examination technique.

Textbook used:

  • Edexcel Business Studies for GCSE introduction to small Business.

Further support:

Exam board: Edexcel