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PSHEEE (Personal, Sexual Health and Economic Education) is taught throughout key stage 3 and 4. Students study units in Citizenship, Drugs, Emotional Literacy, Health and Risks, Financial Capability, Careers, Sexual health and Relationships. The topics covered within these units are appropriate for different year groups. Students will engage in a range of activities that promote active learning and receive talks from a range of external agencies. These are aimed at supporting the development of their own self-awareness, and students’ sense of responsibility both for their own actions and towards family, friends and their wider community. Students will assess evidence from a range of sources, practice assertiveness, make decisions, solve problems, work independently and collaboratively to help them make informed decisions about these different areas of their lives.

Year 10 PSHEE topics - IMPACT

  • Record of Achievement

  • Working with others – controversial documentary for young people

  • Careers – CV , Cover letters and Mock interviews Work experience preparation

  • Child Exploitation and awareness of grooming

  • Sex and Relationships – Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Cost, consequences and effects of drugs and alcohol

Year 11 PSHEE topics – REAL LIFE

  • Careers - Post-16 Options and Applications process

  • GCSE Revision Techniques