Media Studies

Subject: GCSE Media Studies Year: 11 Exam Board : AQA Course Code: 8572

Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:

• One solo media production assignment NEA (September 2018) 30%
• A Pre-Public Examination (December 2018)
• two final GCSE papes (June 2019) 60%
• paper 1: A – media language and representation, B – media Industries and Audiences
• paper2: A – analysis on screning of one of our CSP, B – newspapers, online and social media, video games

Key Resources:

• Students classbooks and study od CSPs
• Student Folders: W:\Collect work to do\Media GCSE
• Students guides and speciment papers available:

Subject content of the AQA GCSE media specification:

Close Study product (CSP)

• Television Original Doctor Who 1963 Class 2007
• Newspapers The Times Daily Mirror
• Radio Beats one Radio one first broadcast
• Advertising and marketing Print: OMO TV: Galaxy Online: Represent
• Social and on line media Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood Lara Croft Go Zoella
• Music Videos Artic Monkeys, ‘I bet you look good…’ One Direction, ‘History’
• Magazines Reveal Tatler
• Film Industry Dr Strange I Daniel Blake

Assessment components:
Students are assessed on their knowledge and application of the theoretical framework: media languaguage; media Auiences; media Representation; media Industries

Students are assessed at school on their coursework production (NEA): 10% statement of intent; 10% on production skills; 10% on their final products. All work is externally moderated and verified.

Students will complete their CSPs (1-3 above) and revise those covered last year (4-8) for assessment. Their PPE will be based on paper 2 this Decemeber and they will look at both Papers in Spring term.

Students need to be able to analyse, using relevant therories both a print media product and a filmed product.

Useful websites

For more information see the Subject Leader: Miss D Norville