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Important Message
Important Message
6th Sep 2017
Open events 2017

The Open events are on School information/Open evening events 2017

School Performance

• Progress 8 score: -0.17

• Attainment 8 score: 47.85

• % English & Maths: 60%

• EBacc: 5.0%


For the DfE performance table, please click the link below:


In 2016, 99% of our Year 11 went on to Post-16 study or apprenticeships.

In all previous years, it has been 100%.

Ofsted monitoring visit 21 June 2017 Final Report (196 KB)
Ofsted Inspection Report 2016 (194 KB)
Ofsted Inspection Report 2014 (231 KB)
SIAMs report July 2016 (759 KB)
SED 2016 St Andrews (438 KB)
School Development update 2016-17 (6.7 MB)